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Swipe to Match with Friends

Swipe on restaurants along with your friends to find where your tastes align. Make deciding where to eat a fun, interactive, experience to answer the age old question of "what are some good restaurants near me?"

Location-Based Feed

Discover restaurants near you with our location-based feed. Explore a variety of dining options in your area and find new local favorites. Be the friend who leads the charge with "look at this great local restaurant!".

Connect with Friends

Build your foodie circle! Connect with friends, create groups, and see their favorite spots. Sharing your culinary journey has never been easier.

Make Every Meal An Adventure

With MonchMatch, every swipe is a step into a new culinary adventure. Discover new hole in the wall places, crowd favorites, and everything in between. Our intuitive app not only matches you with restaurants you'll love but also connects you with friends to share the experience.

Discover & Dine With Friends

MonchMatch is more than just an app – it's a social dining revolution. Find your next favorite restaurant, share it with friends, and plan your outing with a tap. Get ready to transform how you discover, share, and enjoy meals. All it takes is a swipe to turn an ordinary meal into a shared feast!

Easy to Use

Using MonchMatch is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Select friends, view local restaurants, and swipe yes or no!

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