About MonchMatch

Discover. Swipe. Enjoy.

Welcome to MonchMatch, where your next favorite meal is just a swipe away. MonchMatch is an innovative app designed to revolutionize the way you choose restaurants. Whether you're craving a quick bite or planning a special dinner, our app makes your decision easier, fun, and more intuitive.

How It Works

MonchMatch introduces a fun and collaborative way to discover new dining experiences. Begin your culinary adventure with a friend by swiping through a curated selection of restaurants complete with photos, menus, and reviews. As you explore, swipe right to endorse the eateries that excite you. When both you and your friend swipe right on the same restaurant, it's a "MonchMatch" – a shared signal of your mutual interest to dine there. This dual-approval system makes deciding where to eat a breeze and aligns it with the preferences of both you and your dining companion. So go ahead, swipe together, and let MonchMatch be your guide to your next meal out. It's social, it's simple, and it's all about finding the perfect place to eat with the people you enjoy the most.

Our Story

Born from a love of food and technology, MonchMatch was created by a one-man team defined by food enthusiasm and a love for using technology to solve problems. We noticed a (very significant) gap in the market for a user-friendly, engaging, and comprehensive restaurant discovery tool (the founder's wife's challenge in selecting a place to eat was also a large driving factor). That's where the idea for MonchMatch was cooked up and simmered to perfection!

Our Mission

At MonchMatch, we believe that finding the perfect restaurant should be as enjoyable as the dining experience itself. Our mission is to simplify your search with a swipe-to-like interface, bringing you closer to your next culinary adventure. We aim to connect food lovers with a wide array of dining options, tailored to their tastes and preferences.